Differentiating and Team Teaching: Distance Learning Edition

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  • Location: Online
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About the Course

Course Description: Tools like Seesaw, Flipgrid and Google Classroom can be used to serve our students with direct, targeted assignments via enrollment in multiple classes or with the use of Co-Teachers. Entire grade levels may benefit from a shared space, and special area teachers and support staff can be linked to their students more easily. Get some strategies to maintain multiple groups of students in classes or getting yourself included in pre-existing ones!

Course Hours: Members who complete this course receive 2 HOURS of Act 48 and/or a certificate that may apply for Chapter 14 hours. Your employer has sole discretion to determine if this course qualifies for Chapter 14 hours.

  • Grade(s): Elementary Secondary
  • Subject(s): Educator Professional Practices Instructional differentiation Integrating Technology
  • Teacher Quality Standard(s): Danielson Domain 3


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