Re-imagining Challenges

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Course Description: As educators, we face lots of circumstances, both anticipated and surprising, that require us to reimagine what is possible. Let’s also reimagine our response to challenging situations! This class is a recording of a session held with PSEA members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although that year of stress and change may be behind us, many of us experiencing personal and professional stress that can feel overwhelming and tumultuous. The good news is that there are things we can do to find calm in chaos, cultivate compassion, and engage in self-care to protect our brains and bodies from the negative effects of stress and uncertainty. Join us to learn more! 

Course Hours: Members who complete this course receive 4 HOURS of Act 48 and/or a certificate that may apply for Chapter 14 hours. Your employer has sole discretion to determine if this course qualifies for Chapter 14 hours.

  • Grade(s): Elementary Secondary
  • Subject(s): Student and Teacher Wellness Student and Teacher Wellness
  • Teacher Quality Standard(s): Danielson Domain 4


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